Retail direction

Kladovaya Zdorovya LLC is a federal network of orthopedic salons in Russia, founded in 2001.

  • These are salons and mini-salons in 70 cities of the Russian Federation with headquarters in St. Petersburg
  • 222 outlets throughout the country, as well as in the CIS countries, including the franchising system
  • 7000 items of the profile assortment of OOO Kladovaya Zdorovya
  • This is more than 700 qualified specialists
  • This is our own online store with traffic over 350 000 unique visitors and revenue over 6 mln RUB. per month
Kladovaya Zdorovya is rapidly developing its branded retail network. Currently, there are already 222 salons throughout Russia and the CIS countries, 95 of them are opened by franchisee partners.