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Atletika trading company is the largest operator on the orthopedic market of Russia. It is the leader in production and sale of orthopedic products intended for prevention, treatment, rehabilitation, sports, beauty and health, as well as care products in the low-priced and middle-priced segments.


Multiplying the opportunities of the partners, to provide the customer with decent quality orthopedic products at a reasonable price.


Atletika trading company was established in 1993 as a wholesale company for the sale of medical products. Currently it is the largest professional retail and wholesale operator on the market of orthopedic products, health and beauty goods, as well as care products.


Number of Atletika TC employees is over 700. Atletika TC has contract manufacturing with companies of the USA, Germany, Italy, China, Turkey, Taiwan, South Korea, Pakistan. There are 13 own brands in the brand portfolio. A total of 256 own retail orthopedic shops, more than 109 of which are franchisees.


  • Import (PROMET, LLC)
  • Manufacture of supports and corsets (COMF-ORT, LLC)
  • Manufacturing of custom insoles using CAD/CAM technology, supplier of equipment - AMFIT, USA (Kladovaya Zdorovya Service, LLC)
    • Warehouse complex (PROMET, LLC) 6,000 sq.m
      • Chain of orthopedic shops (Kladovaya Zdorovya, LLC)
        • Own shops
        • Franchise
      • Distribution (PROMET, LLC)


Thanks to the vertically integrated structure of Atletika TC, professionalism of its employees and reputation on the market, we strive to make orthopedic products available to the widest possible range of consumers.

Wholesale by ATLETIKA TC


Our line of business is wholesale, direct distribution and retail logistics of health products using our own sales department.

Distribution channels

Main distribution channels of the wholesale company:

  • Wholesale companies
  • Pharmacy chains and individual pharmacies
  • Medical equipment shops
  • Orthopedic shops
  • Retail and online shops of health products

Brand portfolio

  • Orthopedic products FOSTA and COMF-ORT
  • Massage products and exercise balls ORTOSILA
  • Compression hosiery ERGOFORMA and VARISAN
  • Children's orthopedic footwear ORTUZZI and OF
  • Technical rehabilitation products ERGOFORCE
  • Thermal underwear and corrective underwear ERGOFORMA
  • Insoles and silicone products COMFORMA
  • Anti-bedsore mattresses and polyurethane bandages ORTHOFORMA
  • Home medical devices VACUMAG and ERGOPOWER
  • Kinesio and cohesive tapes ERGODYNAMIC
  • Hearing aid batteries ERGOPOWER

Our advantages

  • The widest range of orthopedic and health products
  • Affordable prices for the entire range of products offered
  • All products are in stock
  • Delivery of orders to all regions of the Russian Federation
  • Distribution through all effective sales channels
  • Flexible discounts depending on the order amount and terms of payment
  • Loyalty program and partner marketing support
  • Trade-marketing measures for retailers


At the moment, the client base of the company comprises more than 1,500 loyal partners.

The company distributes its products to all regions of the Russian Federation and a number of CIS countries.


Kladovaya Zdorovya, LLC, a federal chain of orthopedic shops in Russia founded in 2001.


  • Comprises shops and mini-shops in 91 cities of Russia with headquarters in Saint Petersburg
  • 256 outlets all around the country, including franchisees
  • 7,000 items of the profile range of Kladovaya Zdorovya, LLC
  • More than 700 qualified specialists
  • Cooperates with more than 6,000 doctors-orthopedists and trauma surgeons
  • Own online store with more than 350,000 unique visitors and sales revenue over 6 million rubles per month

KLADOVAYA ZDOROVYA is rapidly developing its branded retail network. Currently, there are already 256 stores all over Russia, 109 of them are opened by franchise partners.


The company is an award winner in the following categories:

  • Prize winner of the all-Russian award according to rating (3rd place in "Best Franchise" nomination)
  • For 5 years, the company has been included in TOP 100 Franchises according to web portal
  • Winner of the "Best social franchise" Contest at the Moscow International Forum on franchising 2019

Award winner:

  • The most groundbreaking company in trade field - 2010
  • The most dynamically growing company
  • The most anti-crisis of "Gazelle" in Business-2015
  • Awards by "Delovoy Peterburg" newspaper

Over the past 25 years of work, we have established fruitful partnerships with the most well-known foreign manufacturing companies in the orthopedic segment.

Our cooperation is confirmed by exclusive long-term contracts.

We do not stagnate, we move forward and we are looking for new partners.


Trading Company "Atletika"
Address 23 Shvetsova St., Letter B, St. Petersburg , 198095
Telephone No. +7 (812)779 61 61
Fax +7 (812) 740-70-66

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