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About the Company

What We Do:
ATLETIKA Trade House has been working on the Russian market for over 18 years and has gained the leading position in production and distribution of various orthopedic products manufactured for treatment, rehabilitation and prevention of diseases, as well as sporting goods.

Our Goals:  
We are striving to secure our leading position on the Russian market of orthopedic products.
We are trying to help disabled people to return to active style of life.
We are making every effort to keep our products affordable for common people. 

Our Motto:
Moving in pursuit of customers and partners satisfaction!

Our Products:
FOSTA and KOMFORT – orthopedic products;
ORTOSILA – massage and gym balls;
ERGOFORCE – rehabilitation equipment;
ORTUZZI and OF – children’s orthopedic footwear;
COMFORMA – insoles, inserts and silicone products;
ORTHOFORMA – bedsore pressure relief mattresses and polyurethane bandages;
ERGOFORMA and SAMILAST medical compression wear.

Quality of Our Products:
Orthopedic products offered by ATLETIKA Trade House are designed in cooperation with the Wreden Research and Development Institute of Traumatology and Orthopedics, Turner Institute of Children Orthopedics, Polenov Research and Development Institute of Neurosurgery.
We pay close attention to the latest European innovations, participate in exhibitions and expand our product selection with the top quality imported orthopedic products.
Association of Orthopaedists and Traumatologists of Russia recommends our products.
Our Network:
The retail chain of orthopedic shops Kladovaya zdorovya is the most elaborate and dynamic in Russia. As of February 2012, we have more than 100 shops, mini-shops and booths located in Saint Petersburg, the Leningrad region, Velikiy Novgorod, Bryansk, Kaluga, Ryazan, Voronezh and other cities.

Our Clients:
We have business relations with more than 1200 companies throughout the Russian Federation, among them there are:

  • State level distributors;
  • Wholesalers;
  • Pharmacies and pharmacy chains;
  • Orthopedic products stores;
  • Medical equipment stores;
  • Manufactures of prostheses and orthopedic goods (MPO)
  • Goods for healthy living stores

Advantages of Working with ATLETIKA Trade House:

-  ATLETIKA Trade House holds exclusive rights for all trade marks mentioned above.
- A wide array of carefully chosen product groups we offer can satisfy the needs of virtually any pharmacy or orthopedic store. When you work with ATLETIKA Trade House you will not waste your time and money on shopping around for a products you need – we have the right product for you. Besides, you will be eligible for some substantial discounts.
- We can supply the right kind of product to you just because we have the hands-on experience managing our own chain of orthopedic stores Kladovaya zdorovya and because we cooperate with orthopedists and traumatologists.


General Director


Boris S. Lipner
General Director of ATLETIKA Trade House

Born in 1950, in Kiev (Ukraine)
Educational background:

  • Graduated from the Lensovet Technological Institute and the University of Marxism-Leninism
  • Completed Business Administration Studies program at the Tel Aviv University

Mr. Lipner is the author of more than 20 inventions he holds the patents of. He is a co-author of a number of scientific research papers on complex chemical compounds.

- in 2010 Mr. Lipner became fourth in Russian Double Trap Shooting Championship.

ATLETIKA Trade House


ATLETIKA Trade House in Numbers

ATLETIKA Trade House in numbers:

-  the distributor of 11 product brands of the world leading manufacturers;
-  carries 12 major product groups;
-  offers about 1000 products;
-  the largest orthopedic products store chain in Russia with 104 outlets.
-  35 franchised shops;
-  18 years of sustainable development and thousands of partners in wholesale and retail;
-  580 employees.

ATLETIKA Trade House Turnovers

Market Share

ATLETIKA Trade House market share on the Russian orthopedic products market in 2011


Contact Information

ATLETIKA Trade House
Professional Orthopedic Goods Ltd.

Legal address:
21 Ryleyev St., Liter A, Office 27-H
Saint Petersburg, 191123

Physical address:
23 Shvetsova St.
Saint Petersburg, 198095
Russia (Narvskaya subway station)


Phone number:
(812) 740-70-68
(812) 740-70-66
Email: info@atletika.ru

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